CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV systems

Protect your family and assets

Closed circuit cameras have enjoyed expansive growth in digital surveillance and have become more affordable and include more features than ever before. We offer the supply and installation of all major brands to meet your requirements and specifications.

Technology now allows you to view footage remotely from a laptop, tablet or smart phone, thereby putting you in control of your security. We will provide you with a demonstration on the remote viewing options so that you feel at ease about operating your new system.

Advanced IP Camera Systems

  • Internet Protocol cameras and NVRs (Network Video Recorders) are the best quality video available on the market and the future of CCTV.
  • These systems are ideal for high risk areas and businesses that want premium quality footage. They are fully customizable to suit your requirements.
  • Enquire about our lease options which include full service and guarantee of your system.

Entry-level HD camera systems

  • These have replaced the original analogue systems with a vast improvement in picture quality. The High Definition system is also a very affordable option, making it ideal for small business and home use.
  • The systems come in four, eight or sixteen channels designed for your requirements.

Remote Viewing Link

  • All of our CCTV options can be configured for remote viewing from any smartphone, tablet or PC. This is ideal for keeping an eye on your staff or your home when you are away. All you require is an internet connection and we will setup the remote viewing on your device.

Alarm Systems

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