Security Guards

Security Guards

Secure your property and assets

When a physical security presence is required, our professionally trained guards are ideal to secure your property and assets. We currently employ approximately 280 guards around the Border region, securing retail outlets, complexes and various national tenants. All of our sites are in direct communication with our Control Centre.

All of our guards are accredited with PSIRA grades and are registered with the security officers board.


  • Our guards are monitored 24 hours live by means of clocking systems to ensure timeous patrols of your premises.
  • All of our guards are fully equipped with items that they may require to provide a secure service, including batons, torches, handcuffs, etc.
  • Our guards are equipped with remote panics to ensure that reaction is dispatched in emergency situations.
  • Regular visitations by supervisors ensure an efficient service.


  • The best possible candidate will be placed to ensure that a customer-friendly service is provided to your clients.
  • Site-specific training is given to ensure that all procedures are followed correctly, and stock losses are prevented.


  • Visible, community patrolling has become more popular amongst residential suburbs.
  • The visible presence of a guard has contributed dramatically to the decrease of crime in these specific areas.
  • Along with improved crime statistics, the presence of vagrants and loiterers has also decreased in these demarcated areas.

Alarm Systems

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