Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing

Your first line of defence

This early detection system is the first line of defence to your premises and is one of the most secure perimeter options available today.

We install free standing or wall top fences and strongly recommend connecting them to an alarm panel for monitoring. Your fence is therefore monitored by our control centre and backed by our armed response units. Our quality installations are all done to new regulation specifications and we will issue you with the required COC on completion.

Residential fences

Most residential fences are wall top mounted and have to be a minimum of 1,5m above ground level. Our installations carry a one-year guarantee on the installation and equipment. These fences can be connected to your current alarm system to ensure your safety.

Commercial fences

Many criminals enter a premise from the roof, which is why we recommend fitting a fence to discourage criminals. These fences are also monitored by our control room for early detection of intruders. Free standing fences are also installed to further prevent criminals from entering your business.

Alarm Systems

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